Adding to your lexicon. Thank me later.

Yesterday at work I found myself trying to describe a book I was reading as being like a tapestry. The setting was given in a gorgeous, panoramic display of sounds and colors that stuck with me and had me thinking a colorful patchwork quit – or a tapestry.

My instinctual thought was that there had to be a way to make the noun “tapestry” into an adjective form. And I figured that adjective had to be “tapestraic” (tap-es-tray-ik). Makes sense right?

“Right,” you say. “You’re a complete nerd who has got to have better things to think about.”

Well maybe you’re right…so?!

Anyway, I looked it up cause I just had to know, and all I could find was “tapestry-like.”


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any money in making up and implementing new words. If there were I’d be at this all day, and you’d be jealous.

So whatever, I made up a new word and I don’t get a cent…but I think any poets out there might understand that “tapestry-like” sucks. One of these days I’ll get some real nerds to read my posts, and we can salivate over reveries like this. If anyone has a pet word that is sadly underrated, and you’re friends look at you weird when you say it, LET ME KNOW!

For now “tapestraic” is the new hip thing to say. You’ve got to be creative to use it.


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