Some odd thoughts on a Friday evening

Just 2 cents from the guy who reads and thinks fantasy. Maybe there’s a short story or a poem somewhere in this, but for now it’s just an idea to brighten your weekend. 🙂


What if people breathed light…

What would it look like on a crowded street of ear plugged, scarf-wrapped pedestrians – suited bikers interspersed throughout grey traffic gusting in and out of coffee shops.

Would it be white light or gold? A nearly tangible beam like the arrow-point blaze from a magnifying glass, or a breeze of gentle lantern glow.

What would it feel like? Would it be warm on the cheek of the stranger we spoke to like the intimate breath of a lover? Would it burn if we were angry? Could we spit light missiles at our enemies – a spitball across the classroom when the teacher’s back was turned. Would it dribble in stringy wisps down our fronts if we whispered obscenities?

Could you shout light into the dark corners? Make them public.

How would our poetry change?

What would song be like?


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