Long Distance Writer

Ok. I need your help.

It’s the beginning of my last semester of college and it’s a good time for resolutions. My goal is to write 500 words 5 times a week. Also: write a couple o’ pages or more whenever I can find the time. Also: Update this blog at least once a week. That’s a lot on top of other things.

You see, I’m generally a long distance writer. I find myself with a little time, or I make time, then I hole up in some fox den coffee shop with quaint hipster music banjoing in the distant background, and I hunch over my keyboard and scowl at anyone who talks to me, or looks at me, or walks by.

I’m kidding. I don’t scowl. I’m nice.

These blissful moments in my life come maybe once or twice a week. But I’m notoriously bad at having any sort of real consistent discipline, and I don’t have a consistent writer’s spot either. I go where the wind takes me. Most days that’s a distracting place full of friends. I don’t get any work done at these times. (Real people are always more interesting than reading or writing. Remember that.)

My goal is two-fold. To strengthen discipline. And to exercise my ability to write in those shorter time segments between events. Long distance writers like me will often want to get away for at least a few hours, maybe even half a day or more, and pour all their attention into the task. This seems healthy and effective, but it’s not practical for someone with school or work (so everyone).

Since I have so much trouble writing through the small time segments, I’d love to hear from you writers about your methods of discipline. Please feel free to comment and discuss ideas. Maybe I need to journal more and collect my thoughts while I’m running about, so when I finally sit down I have somewhere to start. Maybe I need to skip my homework (kidding again).


P.S. I could have uploaded a pic of, like, a coffee mug or some useless aesthetic to spruce up this post. But that’s silly.


2 thoughts on “Long Distance Writer

  1. I wish I could give advice, but I’m just as much of a “long distance” writer as you. I can chug along for a few days straight and then my progress comes to a sputtering stop when something else comes up. (The dramas of real people around me are indeed more interesting than those I invent on the page…) The best I can proffer is to have friends keep pestering you about it. Setting goals like these and doing it publicly so others can hold you accountable is a great idea (and one I perhaps ought to undertake myself).

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