To a Wonderful Staff

Well, I’m graduating. And this ends another stage in my life as I move on from my undergraduate self and try to apply all the knowledge buzzing around in my brain before it flies out of my ears. Some of the stuff I’ve learned will have the same lifespan as a fly…and I’m definitely ok with that.

But one of the most profitable and important experiences that I’ve had in my college career is not likely to crash and burn anytime soon. My three years working at the Rhetoric Center (known as the RC for those with style) were probably where I learned the most during my time at Calvin. Classes are great for book knowledge and writing practice, but in the office I gained practical communication skills. I think I was shy before I had to talk commas with paper-frustrated individuals…that sorta pegs me as a hopeless nerd.

RC Group - 2013

RC Group – 2013

But so are these wonderful people, and I will miss working with all of them. Who else am I going to have the pleasure of geeking out about well-written papers with? Who else am I going to talk to about the possible sins of ending a sentence with a preposition? It’s a myth, folks. Now that I can’t be fired for saying this: go for it. In any case, I only get glazed looks from my housemates when I talk about writing, and my family has expressed their earnest disapproval at me pointing out grammar mistakes in newspapers.

So I will miss you all and your bookishness. I’m writing this to you now from my classroom where I’m supposed to be taking my second to last exam. The prof sent us the essay prompt, and I “forgot” I wasn’t supposed to write it before hand. I wish you all could read it…it’s really, really terrible.