“Throw Rocks at Them”

Having to read my work aloud, even to someone close, makes me self-concious. It’s here — as the words are read to ears other than our own — that most of us question our writing’s adequacy.

I’ve been reading my manuscript (which I still refer to simply as Brisha) to someone at their request, and since we only have pieces of time here and there, I wonder about things like connectivity and plot complications, which lead to remarks on story arc and the strength of character development.

I ask openly if my audience of one is keeping track of everything and understanding characters, which only displays my self-concious attitude, because if she didn’t get what was happening, I would know that the shortcoming was mine and not hers. Continue reading

The Book That Gets You Moving

This past week I’ve been writing a lot more than usual. Sure, part of that is due to not taking five classes and only working part-time for now. Not my choice, but it does clean up some space for writing.

Time is money, but time is also productivity, and that doesn’t always mean cash. Continue reading