…Still a Traveler

Speaking of new worlds to explore, I would be remiss if I didn’t include my passion for music. I should compile a list of best bands to listen to while reading fantasy novels. This one would definitely be high on that list.


Immigrant Reader

Posting only when I’m inspired obviously hasn’t been working for me all that much these past weeks. Being disciplined too. I’ve had the time, but I guess my mind has been other places. Since my new job, my brain has been tossed spinning into the land of SEO and inbound marketing. But growing up with Facebook and a general social media-plus-internet-language proficiency has cut my learning curve blessedly short. And so the roller coaster ride down into marketing has been cushioned by familiarity. I can actually say truthfully that I write blog posts for a living…although that’s not all there is too it.

Despite being distracted temporarily from my published author of novels dream, I’m still throwing myself equally as head-long into the worlds of other’s imagination. Post school, I’ve found a place in which I don’t always have time to read, but I can always read whatever I want when I do. It’s spoiling me. Instead of reading less, I’m almost reading more (just look at my Goodreads account for the last three months. Don’t actually. You’re not that interested, and if you are, I worry). Continue reading