Collaborative Writing

A few years ago, a friend and I got this idea in our heads that we’d write a story in portions back and forth to each other. One story. He’d start. We got technical and planned on sharing a Google document, each of us using a different color. “See where it goes,” we thought. “Oh, and you can’t change what the other person wrote or degrade him to his face.” Good rule.


Off we went to write the first collaborative National Book Award winner…

…He never started.

About a month later, I remembered our brilliant idea and wrote a few paragraphs about a guy on a train in a suede suit holding a brief case handcuffed to his wrist. Some woman started flirting with him (I was hoping my friend wouldn’t talk too much about her during his session because I wanted to make her an infamous con artist intent on stealing the brief case. And maybe his jacket for some extra spite). Continue reading

Reinventing the Hero

Might it be a little like reinventing the wheel? Am I attempting to fix something not broken? After all, literature is full of amazing heroes and triumphant knights, supermen, dragon-slayers, battle-scared soldiers, protectors, avengers.

Continue reading