“I think it’s somewhere else.”

— Kim Stanley Robinson – Red Mars (p. 68) —


…”Maybe it’s in our genes,” [Maya] said. “Maybe they felt things going wrong on Earth. Felt an increased speed of mutation, or something like that.”

“So they struck out for a clean start,” [Frank said]

” Yes.”

“The selfish gene theory. Intelligence only a tool to aid successful reproduction.”

“I suppose.”

“But this trip endangers successful reproduction,” Frank said. “It isn’t safe out here.”

“But it isn’t safe on Earth either. Waste, radiation, other people…”

Frank shook his head. “No. I don’t think the selfishness is in the genes. I think it’s somewhere else.” He reached out with a forefinger and tapped her between the breasts — a solid tap on the sternum, causing him to drift back to the floor. Staring at her the whole while, he touched himself in the same place. “Good night, Maya.”


Let the Fights Begin!

http://paranormal.suvudu.com/2013/01/announcing-suvudu-cage-match-2013-meet-your-contenders.html. Suvudu-Cage-Match-2013-wide-embed

A literature cage match!

There are some classic characters in this list. Some are more eminent than others, but don’t let it ever be said that us writer-folk can’t do their share in promoting sporting events. 🙂

Go Gandalf!

Can I agree with all of the above?


It’ll be fine. Really. 

One, JJ Abrams is a perfectly decent director, who does a decent job with human beings, which is more than you can say about the last dude who directed a Star Wars film.

Two, as Super 8 made explicitly clear, Abrams thinks of himself as being in the Spielberg school of filmmaking, i.e., make it entertaining or go home. He’s not artistically conflicted, as Lucas so clearly was, about being a producer of mass entertainment.

Three, as again Super 8 made clear, Abrams understands at least on a productive surface level the visual and schematic ethos of 70s-era filmmakers, of which Lucas was one, so he has a better than fair chance in capturing the specific flavor of the first trilogy — well, the first two films of the trilogy, anyway — that the (older) fans love so well.

Four, his track record as director and…

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