Profiles are funny things. What is it anyone wants to know about me?

I’m, as of now, unpublished, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to claim the status of published and wide-eyed in this new, scary world that we sometimes talk about in the college classroom.

Whether published or not, for however long, there will always be more words to come. I’m writing a book, a military fantasy, that you can find more about in the next page over (Wardrobe of My Worlds). There is a map. It’s fun.

Basically, I love creating and exploring new worlds and stories in which I hope express an effortless sort of Christianity. By this I mean that my writing displays my faith without the didactically outlandish fluff that has become the stereotypical label of some Christian authors. To say it another way, I carve the themes of my worlds and characters with the influence of giants like Tolkien and Lewis and Donaldson in my mind.

I’m willing to take dark roads to find the hope and light somewhere on the other side. It’s not always direct. It’s never bloodless. It will probably not be “happily ever after.” (emphasis on the not). But I like some redemption. And I like my characters.

I’m willing and happy to engage in the worlds and themes of non-Christian authors and think critically about them. Many of my influences are not afraid of the dark: Steven Erikson, Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Tad Williams, the list of wonderful authors goes on, and they’ve all written wonderful books.

My goal is to create serious discourse in fantasy and other areas of life that I think are important, and to have fun. Bla. Bla. Bla. You’ve heard it before. It’s a blog. I like writing.

Here we go…

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