Rejection Letters, Pt II: Avoiding Stagnancy

Avoiding Stagnancy You’ve tried everything to get your writing published. You’ve accepted the rejection letter as part of the process and are using them as an excuse to be as creative and experimental as you want regardless of the consequences. After all, you have nothing to lose…

But when is enough enough?  Continue reading


The Poetics Of Uncertainty

ffw-logo-shadowAttending the Festival of Faith and Writing has given me more thoughts than I can possibly handle in a lifetime. This may seem like hyperbole, but as poet Geoffrey Nutter, one of the Festival speakers, pointed out using the words of T. S. Eliot: “Human beings can not bare that much reality.”

And that’s what I got today. A lot of reality.

But I think more than that too, because it wasn’t so obvious or so conclusive. As Nutter talked about the “radical uncertainty” of his poetry, I began to get glimpses of images that will probably tumble around in my head for a very long time. The reader (and writer for that matter) are meant to grapple with the words. Most of us know this. It’s an old idea.

But spawning from this wrestling springs a “joyful spontaneity” for those involved. This is another term for faith, I’d argue. “It takes faith to suspend our need for resolution,” says Nutter. Just as it takes strength to suspend our desire to wrestle the text into submission, which, if comprised of true images rather than mere deductions, shouldn’t be possible at the point of the final period. Continue reading

Get the creative juices flowing. It’s time to be writing again!

During Christmas break there’s no better way to get creative than to explore God’s creation.

It’s all here. In Great Falls park where the Potomac splits Maryland and Virginia and the rocks create for us endless castles on either side. By the river the rocks are worn and smooth from friction, but higher up its crags and crooked steps. A playground for both body and mind.

Somehow the simple act of scrambling about, fingers icy, becomes a lodestone for book ideas.

Intuitions about characters and settings assail me. I stand helpless before the Muses.

It makes me feel rather heroic!

Me on a rock

My friends probably didn’t know I was doing all this brainstorming in their company…

Hello Rocks

…And they’ll never know.
Heh heh heh