World Building: Art

Classical Art The Oath of the HoratiiI have a tendency to get stuck in my characters’ thoughts and actions so often that I forget to see through their eyes. The world in which a character lives – whether fictional or historical – has a broadening or shrinking effect on the way readers see that world. The author can use both to his or her advantage. As narrator, we decide where we want our readers looking, but we also want to give them a sense of the background – a fuller picture of what world they’ve arrived at for the duration of the story.

I’ve said this in so many words before, but in similar posts I’ve stopped at trying to capture the broader importance of world building for fantasy. That only goes so far, and it would be a tad ironic to ask you to think only about world building through the lens of one of my wide gestures.

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Notes From Brisha: The World

Hi friends.

I thought I’d give you all a snapshot of the complete map of Urthrite because the image I have posted before is a tricky one, angled and zoomed in and all that. Here is Urthrite in its entirety. No tricks. The whole thing.

And let me amend that statement by saying this is the whole map of the known world…If you know what I mean. 😉

Ain't she a beauty?

Ain’t she a beauty?