Wardrobe Of My Worlds

“Worlds to conquer. Worlds to share.” – Steven Erikson

I am a writer. I get a kick out of creating characters, events, timelines…and worlds. Ever since I could read (I know, every writer begins this way) I’ve been dreaming up new lands. After a while I had little place left for imaginative adventures in my own world. Those I had in real life after I escaped my sticky school desk. I was blessed with a very big, wooded yard growing up, and took no time losing myself. If I walked far enough I’d always end up somewhere else. Middle Earth. Hogwarts. Redwall. You name it.

This might sound familiar.

My story’s not spectacular. Everyone has their own Hundred Acre Wood. And mine was, and still is, Urthrite. I drew it in middle school and started writing about it in high school. Currently, I have over 300 pages of storyline, and I am editing furiously.  I’ve explored hundreds of miles from its mountains to its cities. And I’ve met quite a few people. I think I like a few of them!

As my stories about it grow, my knowledge of its secrets and cultures and peoples expand.

And it will soon be time to share it with everyone. To take you all on a grand tour…


As they say– “Our story begins” in a reclusive city-state called Brisha.

Whole Map

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